Monday, October 19, 2009

HWB update

I didn't realize how BIG Hot Water Bottles are! And take a look at how one Raveler used her fished shapped HWB.

Post 157

If you can't see it, she tented her tomato plant to protect it against frost and used her HWB to keep it warm.

I did purchase one today. Just the basic shaped red one. A bit smaller than I remember. And it wasn't as easy to find as I expected. Neither Bed,Bath&Beyond nor Target had them. Rite Aide had 1 left.

It's warming my toes right now and I don't want to leave it to find yarn to knit a little jacket for it.

Perhaps I should give it a name?

And arm/shoulder update...surgeon released me from his care today (yippee) but I must continue p/t. And I must be careful with driving until I have more movement in my shoulder.


Knitting faster does work! I have about 20 yards of yarn left. Still need to weave in ends and block. Then I'll post a picture.

I asked a question on the Ravelry "Remnant's" board...Hot Water Bottle Covers. I never expected so many responses. Check out the link on page 5, post 110. I'm adding hot water bottle to my Target list. And someone suggested a baby size.

And I've fallen in love with this afghan. Nice carry around project and stash buster. Course you have to sew it together....

Surgeon's appt this afternoon. Fingers crossed he'll let me begin strength exercises.