Monday, October 19, 2009

HWB update

I didn't realize how BIG Hot Water Bottles are! And take a look at how one Raveler used her fished shapped HWB.

Post 157

If you can't see it, she tented her tomato plant to protect it against frost and used her HWB to keep it warm.

I did purchase one today. Just the basic shaped red one. A bit smaller than I remember. And it wasn't as easy to find as I expected. Neither Bed,Bath&Beyond nor Target had them. Rite Aide had 1 left.

It's warming my toes right now and I don't want to leave it to find yarn to knit a little jacket for it.

Perhaps I should give it a name?

And arm/shoulder update...surgeon released me from his care today (yippee) but I must continue p/t. And I must be careful with driving until I have more movement in my shoulder.


Becky said...

After I read your post this morning, I sent Jon to Walmart on his way home to hopefully find a HWB but they didn't have one. I think I'll be able to find some at CVS this weekend... hopefully. I'm very excited about getting one :)

Let us know what you name it :) Maybe I'll name mine... "Sorry, Jon, can't get up from the couch right now and help with dishes... Juan is keeping my feet warm." LOL

Great news about your shoulder!!

Linda said...

Becky...that is to funny! "Juan"

katiegirl said...

LOL @ Juan.

I am going to look for a HWB or two or three this weekend! I did plug in my heating pad last night while I was reading. It'd be nice to have something warm without the stress of remembering to turn it off/unplug it!

And good news about the shoulder!

Deb said...

I checked in to see how you are progressing with your shoulder and am so happy you are doing well. Keep up the good work and soon you will be driving down here to visit Becky and I! Hugs, Deb