Friday, July 03, 2009

June 2009

Many years ago, on some newsy type tv show, I saw a story about seeing eye dogs and the people who raise/train them. I added that to my list of things to do one day. Wasn't quite sure when that day would be. The last 20 years at Big Bank my job entailed to much traveling to join clubs, or organizations or even take a class at a university.

There was a break about 16 years before I retired, one year and three months to be exact, that I only left the city 3 or 4 day a month. So I bought my first house, signed up for dance lessons and brought Bailey home, and thought....this is what it feels like to stay still.

But that changed when Bank bought another Bank and became at Big Bank that in 15 years would be Really Big Bank. I was on the "transition team" which meant I had to be where the transitioning was going on. Check out Ravelry to see the states I visited/lived in during those years.

So Bailey adjusted to week days at Four Paws Inn, I adjusted to weekends at home and life went on.

When I retired, I thought about those seeing eye dogs, but Bailey was adjusted to being an only dog and really liked having me to himself.

In late May I called the local rep for
Guiding Eyes. She invited me to attend their mid-June training session for puppies.

I begin MY training to raise a puppy in August. I can't wait. Hope I pass.....


Becky said...

How exciting to have a new venture. I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors :) I'm glad to see you blogging again. That's really neat that you're working at the historical museum. We used to volunteer at St. Mary's City and I always loved it! :)

katiegirl said...

That sounds so exciting! Will the puppies be labs? Will you get to name them?