Thursday, September 17, 2009

A broken shoulder

I found out Tuesday that the sprain/strained arm I have been nursing is acutally a broken it hurs worse than before.

Good news! No surgery..yippee.. It's broken in a place that cannot be splinted so I am keeping it in a sling. It's also in a place that doesn't allow for surgery unless it's a new shoulder, which is not necessary now.

And waiting the 3 weeks did not do any damage. I'll begin Physical Therapy next Friday and go 3 times a week for at least 6 weeks. I may not get full range of motion back.

My neighbor said she would take me to my appoitments for a few weeks until I can feel comfortable driving. It's really hard to reach the gear shift with a bum right arm. And a few friends have emailed to say they'd help me out....Coco and Deb said they'd move up here for me!

Very very nice offer from both, but I think I'm okay for now on my own with drivers.

I'm in a much better mood/place tonight than I was last night. I can plan to go to a few fibery places later in the fall.

Puppy will have to be postponed until after I see how physical therapy works.

Thanks for all the good wishes sent my way.

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sjanova said...

Linda, Good heavens you do things thoroughly! I'm glad they finally figured it out and you can do what there is to do for it. I know PT helps a lot if (and only if) you keep doing the stuff they tell you to do at home. Luckily you won't have to do it forever. Poor Fame. I know you don't blame her for being a normal puppy but it's a shame you have to wait for your chance, yet again. Sorry about it and sending healing vibes your way.