Friday, November 13, 2009

Comments ....

Diane writes ...Hi and thanks for this pattern, i have done it in different yarn and added a pocket to the front and I am so pleased with it(see my project in Ravelry) I tried to attribute it to you but im fairly new and i dont think it worked out right.Made it for my friends xmas so i hope she likes it.

I'd love to take a peek Diane. What is your Ravelry name? And I love the idea of a pocket! A bit of lavender would be nice to add.

Croby writes...I reallly like your using the ribbing instead of closure. This will work with someone with limited dexterity in the hands.

I did try a button closure but that was a bit fiddly to get the HWB into/outof. So ribbing it is.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the pattern. I've knit a head band with the left over yarn. I'll post a picture and the pattern later.


Becky said...

I'm looking forward to trying your pattern after I'm done with some Christmas present knitting.
Do you think I could use the pattern with sock weight yarn? My worsted weight cotton cover blocks too much of the heat from coming through so I was hoping to use a thinner yarn next time.

Linda said...

I don't see why not.

Before knitting the entire cover, you might want to knit a large swatch to see if you can feel the heat.

And try a larger needle so the fabric is "holier" that might help too.

And there is a new HWB cover on Ravelry (cabled) that has what the designer calls "pockets" . You have to purchase the pattern so couldn't read it, but looking at the pictures it looks like the sides are open so you can put your hands in. Looks to be knitted like a scarf and folded somehow at the top.