Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Have it make sense!

This is bothering me 2 hours after it happened so I must I the only one who wishes the companies who write the speil telemarkers use would proof read it?

The woman who called kept saying/telling me that I needed to "support breast cancer". Not "support breast cancer research" or "support cancer awareness" or even "donate to provide education/tests/etc for those without insurance". No. She wanted me to support breast cancer.

And she said it many times. Even after I mentioned that I didn't support breast cancer because it was a nasty thing. I was scolded because "you don't care woman are dying".

Well, yes I do care woman are dying and men too. But I support and donate to breast cancer research, I don't support breast cancer.

She hoped I would have a blessed day and hung up.

She was from "Pink Ribbon". I've not heard of them. Maybe I'll "google" them...which of course is not a verb it's a proper noun.


Bess said...

singing my song. Hope you had a good laugh afterwards, though.

Linda said...

A good laugh and thankful I don't have to make those phone calls!

kemtee said...

Amen, sister.

Grammar nerds unite!