Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puppy update...again!

I'd heard that to raise a puppy for GED you must be flexible and expect changes.

Arrangements have been made so that Persia will go to her raisers home.

Hanny will be coming to me sometime next week.

It could be Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday...or maybe another day.

Not sure where she'll be. Might have to go to Richmond to get her. Or maybe she'll be brought here.

She was born September 14th.

She has 9 siblings...Hadley, Hagrid, Harlow, Hildy, Harvard, Hosta, Houston, Honor, Hopi

Her mother, Moni, is black. Her father, Yuri, tan. Both Labradors.

The GED site has just undergone some changes and pictures of the litters are not available so I can't see what color puppies are in her litter.

What color do you think she'll be?

What day do you think she'll get here?

How many toys do you think Santa will bring her?

In other news: There is still knitting!!!! In fact, ArtsyFish and I spent this past weekend at the Knitters Review Retreat in Williamstown, MA. Details to follow as soon as I can puppy proof my house!


katiegirl said...

SOOO EXCITING!!!! Hanny is going to be so lucky!! She's a lab, right? I bet she'll be black! Can't wait to see her!!

Becky said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited for you! Having a puppy to cuddle with on these cold days will be so great! :) I can't wait to see pictures of her!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new puppy and I look forward to the trip report. It appears then that you did not have nor'easter damage? Glad of that.
Eleanor, no blogger account