Tuesday, September 16, 2003

We were just told not to come into the office tomorrow or Thursday and probably not Friday. And that the servers would more than likely be brought down at noon tomorrow. I'm moving some files that I will need so that I can "productively work from home" to my hard drive.

And on a "physical" side...."if you have an office with windows, please put down and shut the blinds before you leave." Could someone explain to me how shutting the blinds on my windows that are on the 9th floor of a building one block from the river and facing that same river will help if the window breaks? But I'll put down and shut my blinds before I leave.

Is it more stressful preparing for a storm than actually being in one?

This evening I'll finish picking up the yard ornaments, potted plants and chairs and move them into the garage. Tomorrow I'll unplug all non-essential electrical things and check to see if my insurance papers are where they're suppose to be. Thursday I'll wait for Isabel.

I may need another bag of M&M's.

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