Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Knitting news

Sorry about the rant this morning. It seems to build up and once I let it go, it's gone .... until the next time.

Surprising news for Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn last Friday. An interview that Bobbie had done in the summer and had forgotten was printed. The article discussed teens knitting and mentioned Ewe Knits. We were really busy on Saturday with requests for knitting lessons.

I loved the way the younger generation of knitting wannabes attached the process. Just give me what I need to get started, size 15 needle, a fuzzy yarn, a book, and let me at it! The older knitting wannabes wanted to wait and purchase for the class.

My felting students left with almost finished projects. One ran home, finished her i-cord and brought in a felted bag a few hours later....Go Sharon!

Oh, and Bobbie ordered Crystal Palace bamboo circulars. Didn't have 5 minutes to try a pair though. Maybe this coming Saturday.

Speaking of which, some of our scarf ladies will be meeting at the store to compare scarves and help one another select yarns on Saturday. What's interesting: these ladies didn't know one another before coming into Ewe Knits. Now they see one another grocery shopping, etc.

On my knitting front....Collared Shawl has 340 rows. I'm going to stop at 360 I think. Then it's picking up and knitting the trim/collar.

And the Zara yarn from Elann arrived for the Optically Delusional Sweater. BEAUTIFUL! Perfect colors. I'm itching to get started but I'll wait until CS is finished.

Very disappointed in the Mano's. I blocked it on Sunday and it's scratchy and it's stretched! It's tooooo long now. I'll pick up a bottle of wool wash on Saturday to see if that will help.

My bet is that David Smith will lasso himself that purty little blonde that likes artists. Howdy Partner!

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