Friday, October 10, 2003

No Traffic today

I decided to work from home today. No traffic stress to deal with. And it's a three day weekend. It's gonna be a good day.

Rob at Blackdog posted a link to a soup recipe the other day. Friday I think. Anyway, made a pot last night. First time I've used canned stock. Very tasty. Very easy. Thanks, Rob.

Implementation of the Fall MC/V Mandates went very well. No tech problems at all. Yeah Team! Will spend today reformatting a document I inherited for one of my other projects. It's in a Excel spreadsheet. It's all text. It has macro's that shouldn't be there. It's not an easy doc to update and what you see on the screen isn't what prints. My Excel Expert friend tried to fix it. She said it would be easier to redo. It's going to Word where it belongs.

No actual knitting last night. I looked through my stash to plan a few Christmas gifts. Knitted hat for my sister, felted hats for my nieces, maybe knitted seaman caps for the men.

Grissom and the gang are becoming toooooo graphic for me.

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