Monday, September 29, 2003

New Normal

Isabel We're almost back to our new normal here. 36,000 still without power this morning. Kids are back in class. Closing of the Midtown tunnel has caused much traffic congestion and with that more accidents on 64/664.

Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn Worked at Ewe Knits on Saturday. Bobbie's first grandchild was born Sept 11 and so she is off visiting him. While she's gone the mice are to speak. Sherri is rearranging the yarns....which she has wanted to do for a while now. All of the novelty yarn is going on the large back wall. This will be nice. No more running all over to see what matches what. You'll be able to stand (or sit if you're inclined) at the back wall and see it all.....or at least all that will fit!

A large order (200 skeins!) of Mango Moon sari silk has arrived. We also have a few sweater/afgan kits.

And Debbie Bliss is on sale! 20% off.

Free shipping on all orders of $50 or more all the time.

On my knitting front....Drum roll please...Obi is done!!!! Finished the last seam last night while watching the new The Practice.

........The new season got off to a good start. I didn't watch many shows last year. Didn't like where the characters were going. I'm liking James Spader.......

Casted on for a scarf that will be a free pattern offered at Ewe Knits . Each of the clerks (I love that word!) is desigining a scarf pattern to offer. Mine is a dropped stitched pattern. The sample I'm working on now is done on 224 stitiches in Debbie Bliss wool/cotton on size 5 needles. I should be able to adjust for yarn size and do the same scarf with fewer/more stitches.

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