Friday, November 28, 2003

How many scarves can be given as gifts?

I ask this only because I sold so many different yarns to people to make scarves with on Friday that everyone in the US, heck maybe I should even include Canada, will get a scarf for the Holidays.

So I arrive at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn about 9:40. Plenty of time to put away my things, grab my reading glasses, and check out the new yarns before we open at 10:00. Sherry was on the ladder making room on a top shelf for new yarns. She had this exhausted look about her. 5 big boxes of yarns (including the new Eros with a bit of sparkle had come in Wednesday right before closing, Bobbie made price labels, and Sherry had come in at 8:30 on Fri to put them out. And she'd already had 3 customers!

It was quiet for a time. Sherry and I putting up the new yarns and catching up. Bobbie came in about 10:30. A man came in to shop for his wife (sweater kit and gift certificate), a few phone calls about our hours, but all in all pretty quiet.

I glanced at my watch, 10:50, and Sherry mentioned she still had a box in the back that needed pricing. The next time I had a minute to look at my watch it was 2:20. I ran in and took a few bites of a sandwich and back out on the floor with me...

They came in droves!!! Scarf knitters of all ages and sizes...scarves for everyone! Credit Cards were being tossed across the counter, size 15, 17 and 19 needles were sold out, what are we to do?? don't worry a shipment is due next week...we'll be long will it take me to knit this scarf? these colors go together? long is a scarf suppose to be?...what color is good for my sister-in-law/mother/sister/daughter/husband/best friend/son/kidsteacher?....the receipt printer was smoke'in!

Whew! Bobbie's family was in town for a visit and stopped in about 4:00. Bobbie mentioned in passing that it was the stores 6th month anniversary. She's done good.

A few more customers trickled in after that and we closed shop at 6:00. I did ring up a few sweater sales and gift certificates. And lots of questions about classes.

After walking the dog, fixing a plate of leftovers, I sat in front of the tv....I didn't pick up my needles all day.

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