Monday, February 03, 2003

Columbia will be remembered.

It was a busy knitting weekend.

Sue and I saw "The Hours" on Saturday. Wow!

I must make myself read Mrs. Dalloway. Perhaps find the video first. I could kick myself for dropping out of the Bookclub before this was discussed. Barnes and Nobles still doesn't have any books in stock...backordered.

Back to the movie....there is a line said by one of the characters about knowing you didn't want children that had tears rolling down my face. If I hadn't been in a crowded theater I would have been sobbing. My knitting sat in my lap the entire movie.

But afterwards, Sue and I checked out B&N on Va Beach Blvd then she was off to get her hair cut. I headed over to Starbucks on Eden Way for lunch and knitting. Spicy cheese twist and cafe au lait and completed the Paton's Chunky hat up to decrease 5...16" circulars were too short to continue. Turned out nice. I like the yarn now! Here 's the pattern I used.

Very Simple Hat
Pattern I used:
cast on 72
join in round
k2,P1 for 8 rows
then st st for a few inches
decrease by k6, k2tog
knit 2 rows
decrease by k5, k2tog
continue with decrease rows until k2 across.
slip stitches on piece of yarn and tie off.

Sunday afternoon I cast on and knitted through the first chart section on sleeve 2 of the Dale sweater. The color isn't off by much..whew!

Straightening up my magazine stack I came across a Cast On (Winter) issue that I hadn't looked at. [:)]

Tonight is our monthly Guild Meeting. I'm secretary in case you're wondering. I take notes. I take notes very well. We'll also have a mini class on embelishing gloves with fun yarns. I've got a sock I'm going to use. If it turns out well I'll send them down to Liza. She's always sending me little trinkets. And we should be showing and telling our little bear sweaters from Edie's class. It should be an entertaining meeting.

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