Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Taking off last Friday as a 'mental health day' and seeing
The Order helped me get over the dissatisfaction of my job. I'm in a better mood this far.

I'm beginning to like starting my morning walk in the dark. This morning we had the wind to contend with. Bailey is not a "wind in my hair" dog. But we still managed to get in a good mile and a half before he was ready to turn home.

The dead tree in the rough behind my house finally fell over. Wasn't it just last month the golf course landscaping guy said "it's not dead". Guess it'll be easier to clean up now. Glad it didn't hit my house, the fence, a golfer.

I wonder what it is that Lisa expected. She's 25 and looking for a husband. So she struts her stuff on tv at a time when America is in a 'we'll show you' mood and is going to to stick her with a guy she doesn't like. But she may have had the last laugh....last night, on live tv, she told the guy she likes she was going to pick him. The others don't stand a chance....can't wait to see how NBC's gonna pull outta this one. "Cupid". The reason for Tuesday nights.

I totally missed one of the strap holes on My Constant Companion. So I ripped out 3 rows of attached i-cord bind off. That's okay. I'll make the last row of the bag the same color as the i-cord (black). It'll make for a smoother transition.

And tonight's "Big Brother". The reason for Wednesday nights.

The Order

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