Friday, October 03, 2003

Dark beginnings

The last home without power because of Isabel should be back on line today.

It's dark when we begin our early morning walks now. Not much movement in the neighborhood. Quiet. Lights on in the bedrooms upstairs and in the kitchens downstairs. Flash of a TV screen tuned to local morning news. Bailey has a hard time distinguishing objects in the distance so our walks are slower now. He has glaucoma in his left eye and will eventually loose all of the sight in the eye. A cataract is forming in his right eye. He's ten and healthy otherwise. So we walk at his speed in the dark.

Little bit of trivia I heard at lunch today. In the movie "The Patriot", the first and last word Gabriel says is the same...Thomas. "Thomas, wait for father". "Father, I'm sorry about Thomas." Don't be concerned, he says many words inbetween.

Vickie Square knitted her Lucky Fish in red because it is a color the Chinese believe brings luck. Wonder what the color purple means? Time for some research.

Purple Lucky Fish side 1 is completed and Luka is alive!!!! All is not dark in John Carters world.

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