Wednesday, November 19, 2003

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.....and a bunch of strip malls

When I moved into my home 10 years ago, there were wooded areas along the "main" road into my development. Deer, possum, raccoons, snakes, rabbits, buzzards, etc, lived there. I'd see a deer every once in a while on the side of the road. As time has passed, the parcels of land have been sold, wooded areas paved and the animals left to fend for themselves if they weren't in the "round up". In the last few weeks I've seen a large deer on the golf course behind my house and one time in my fenced in backyard. This morning he was dead on the side of the "main" road. He had to cross the road for food. He didn't have a choice.

Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn just got in some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille on Saturday. So of course I had to pick up a skein. Turquoise. Knitted the flower face cloth from Weekend Knitting. Yarn was great to work with. Nice stitches. My hands turned blue. Washed it in Dawn last night. Beat up on it really good, then layed on a towel to "block". Lots of dye in the water, but none on my hands or the towel. Very soft cloth. I put the rest back in a skein and washed it. I'll knit up a little swatch to see if the dye is still a problem.

As for the pattern, it was written well. Easy to follow. Wasted a lot of yarn asking you to leave 8" tails. Will I make it, maybe for a gift.

So, my nieces scarves are going to be Lorna's Laces sport weight. Garter stitch on size 15 needles in a triangle. I'll add fringe.

Favorite quote of the week from the guy the girl didn't choose: Her realm of comfort is completely different than my realm of existence.

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