Thursday, June 19, 2003

Have you been over to Bonne Marie's place in the last few days? Even though Beth told me she does the dying herself, I kept picturing big burly men in leather aprons, stubby cigars stuck between their lips, stirring big cauldrons of dye at Lorna's Laces. Thanks for sharing Bonne Marie.

Of course here I am without all the details....but on Saturday I was flipping through a Noro pattern book and came across a fun scarf where the pattern was also used on the bottom of a sweater. So using the leftover Kureyon, I knit a few repeats last night. It really shows off the beautiful striping and it blocked so beautifully. I'll take pictures, get the pattern, etc this weekend.

I'll be back to Charlotte's Easy Lace shawl tonight.

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