Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The wait was worth it......

Knitters Review Retreat was as much fun as last year. Great people, great knitting, great instructors, great food.

Saturday morning was about color and knitting plaid. My first attempt was very colorful and a bit weird looking. But I was able to take what I learned home and Sunday night pulled out bits and pieces of my stash and made a beautiful brown/grey/black plaid swatch that I'm very proud of.

Saturday afternoon was shopping shopping shopping. Picked up some lovely things. Calendar and cards from Knitters review, yarn from Stoney Mtn and Caradan Farms, and beaded necklace kit from Annie.

Looking over the room Saturday night I saw what was missing in my life and I need to find it again. The community of people working together, teaching one another, learning something new. Little groups of women. Knitting with wire. Cables. Drop spindle. Drum Carding. Knitting. Crocheting. Laughing. Heads bent over a pattern, a stitch. A hug. Tears. I heard no bickering or gossiping. Just the simple gift of sharing.

And bringing an end to a great day.....a lunar eclispe.

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