Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kathryn Bingham

I first met Kathryn as a customer at Ewe Knits. As we talked over a few visits, she mentioned she'd like to attend the Knitters Review Retreat but didn't want to go alone. As I had been attending the Retreat for several years, I suggested we drive up together. It worked out well. A natural talker Kathryn talked the entire drive and I, a natural quiet person, drove and listened. We had a great time and planned to go again in 2007 no matter where it was held. We had over extended our fiber budgets in 2006 and couldn't swing the trip to NY.

In January of this year, Kathryn was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. Always optimistic, she knew she wouldn't make it to MS&W because of treatments, but fully expected to be on the bus to Stitches East in October and onto the KR Retreat in matter where it was held!

Kathryn passed away earlier this week. We weren't joined at the hip friends and emailed one another only every few months but she was a friend who I'll miss.

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Anne said...

I'm sorry for your loss.. it doesn't matter sometimes how often we talk - it's how much someone touched our life.