Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My life

Wallis-hasnotbeen-Knitting much this past week. Worked a few days. Then there were eye appointments for Bailey. Since we've been there so often lately he gets a bit scared and wants to sit in my lap. Therefore, not much knitting.

Saturday the Guild was at the Frances Land House - Gathering of the Guilds.

Frances Land

More pictures are linked through the Guilds site.

Sunday it was homeowner association stuff.

Monday more HOA stuff filled the day and Guild meeting the evening.

Tuesday I worked and you never get a chance to knit working at a knitting store. Besides we're expecting all 80 colors of Butterfly any day now and I had to make room for 640 skeins of yarn.

Today I slept until 6:30, and anticipated a quiet day of Netflix movies and knitting. But then the Landscaping guys came to put down mulch which means all of the neighbors who can't seem to make it to the meetings came out of hibernation and wanted the Landscapers to do more, less or something differnt than what the contract says. And since I'm the one BOD person who is home, I get to field the demands. "No, they will not mulch your back yard" "No, you have to dig up your own pansies" "No, they won't leave the plastic bags on your lawn, just give them a minute to empty it first!"

I did get a chance to watch "Man of the Year" It was okay. RV with Robin Williams was much better.

And through all of this I've had to put up with this if I want my door open


I'm surprised you can't hear him from your house. Do you see him? Here's a close up:


But on the positive side....Spring has arrived in my backyard....



Tonight we're putting out signs that say "do not speed" around the 'hood. Maybe it'll slow done a few cars for a day or so.

And then....America's Next Top Model, PussyCat Dolls, Lost and knitting.

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maureen said...

So, you shot the damnbird... looks like a mockingbird to me. ;) S/he is definitely mocking you.