Monday, April 16, 2007

What I did this past weekend

The Guild participated in the annual Spring Craft Festival & Heritage Craft Show at the VB Conference Center this weekend. 6 Guild members volunteered to work and this is what the corner of the table looked like

totes cooksbooks and yarn

Imagine knitters sitting on the empty chairs knitting.

I bought freshly baked bread and opened a jar of Graves Mtn Orange Marmalade

bread and jam

There are 2 slices left.

People I met:

Confused Wool hater - A 20 something arguing with me that all sheep in Australia are tortured and she would never touch wool because of that. She didn't know why they were butchered. I had to many others interested in knitting to argue with her. I suggested she do more research.

Pink Knitting - A little girl about 4 dress head to toe in pink was fascinated watching my hands.

Internatinal Knitting - A husband and wife from Germany/Austria (not sure) that spoke no English. The wife watching me knit and shaking her head "no". So I switched to contentinal and she nodded "yes". Then wanted me to show her how I threw. Her husband pulled his pant leg up and showed me his handknitted socks.

One benefit of this Show is that we can sell items to benefit the Guild (see totes, yarn, cookbooks in picture above) as well as ourselves. I am happy to report My Favorite Shawl was popular with the knitters that attended. It will be available on The Knitting Vault very soon....maybe tomorrow.

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