Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Why I like summer....

Sure I like summer because it's warm, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and all the other stuff poets write about.

But for me summer begins when CBS begins to air "Big Brother". Eleven seasons watching the hampsters. I love it!

And this year I joined a Ravelry Big Brother 11 Group Pool. My player is Natalie. She's 24, Tae Kwon Do champion and plays poker. She sounds like she could be a contender.

So the idea behind the "pool" is each Ravelry Player is randomly assigned one of the 12 BB Houseguests. If the Houseguest you are assigned wins BB, then you win a knitterly type gift from each of the other Ravelry players. Rumer has it a 13th person will join the Houseguests at some point, if that Houseguest wins, then the 12 Ravelry names will be but in a hat and a winner drawn.

It's not to late to join. Group 5 sign ups are being accepted now!

I can't wait until tomorrow night! And no, I don't follow the feeds. I like to see the edited version.

And since we're talking about summer, these are from my friend Macadoodle's garden!

Some of her cucumbers are shaped like squash. Anyone know what causes this?


Becky said...

Isn't it great when you have a show you love that much! My guilty pleasure show is Bachelorette. At times I can't believe I watch it but I get so happy when I know it's been TIVO'd. :) Nice veggies. I have no idea about the mis-shapen cucumbers.

katiegirl said...

I've never watched Big Brother, but everyone who watches it loves it!

And great veggies! Not sure what causes the wonky cukes.