Monday, July 13, 2009

Fourh of July

Let's do some catching up....

ArtsyFish invited me to her neighborhood Fourth of July picnic. After taking this picture

Fourth of July

The batteries on my camera died. But imagine a lovely lake right in the middle of a large neighborhood where people were swimming, boating and floating around. DJ was playing music and children and adults were encouraged to play tug of war, hula hoop, and other assorted games. Food was tasty: barbecue, hot dogs, burgers, and the assorted sides. And there was a nice breeze so flys and other buggy things were not hanging around.

The Fourth is also ArtsyFish's birthday, so we went back to her house and had birthday cupcakes and key lime ice cream.

Later, we went back down to the lakefront to watch the firewords. All around the lake neighbors were setting of some pretty good ones. And in the distance we could see the professional setting off the ones over Mt Trashmore.

It was a very nice day.

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