Sunday, May 06, 2007

Maryland Sheep & Wool May 5, 2007

The Guild sponsored a bus to MS&W and on Saturday 28 knitters left eNorfolk at 6:00 a.m. still a little sleepy. After a short stop in Newport News to pick up 2 more knitters we were off down I64. (There was another stop for biscuits and coffee at Hardee's). Arrived at the road leading to the fair grounds at 11:15 and finally parked at 11:45. We wasted no time!

The hills are alive with the promise of yaaarrnnnnn!!!!

One really nice perk in taking the bus is the parking near the entrance.

We don't have to fight this parking lot. (click on the picture to enlarge and see just a small bit of the parking lot)

The face of a first time sheep and wool festival goer as she aproaches the front gate. HPIM0329

I didn't get to taste Fried Twinkies, but I can tell you Ribbon Chips are fantastic!


A few animals on the hoof....

And off the hoof..... HPIM0331

Kiki and I shopped together. She bought Golding and Journey drop spindles and enough roving to keep her busy spinning until next year. We both bought MS&W caps. We're both short and it was a great way to find one another in the crowds.

"I must buy a broom "HPIM0337


A little music .........

...........and alot of yarn! HPIM0332

I missed lunch with the KR'ers, but caught up with Shelia From NY, Marfa and Jen at Jen's Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth. I also purchased some beautiful lace merino from Jen. And I ran into Lissa.

Stopped and spoke with Tilli Thomas. She showed us the samples of the wool/beaded yarn and a few of the pattens that will be out this fall. Wait until you see it felted!!!

My must find list had 3 items: Morehouse Farms, EZ Workshop and Spirit Trail Fiberworks.

I picked up a few lace wt kits from Morehouse Farms. Love their yarns, and buying the kits you get the pattern for free.

EZ I found at YarnBarn.

And some gorgeous lace wt Merino from Jen.

Walking to the Broom vendor we passed Tess's Designer Yarns. First time the crowd was thin enough to look. I found lace wt in 3 shades of pinks. My first thought was that it will become a wide "Mary" but now I'm not so sure. Maybe another pattern could be in the works.

At 4:00 Kiki and I went back to the bus and dropped off 4 hours of shopping, changed shoes, snacked on a few bites of Terry's Potatoes, grabbed a sweater and went back to see what we missed. The crowds had thinned a bit. Kiki purchased a bit more roving from Spirit Trail Fiberworks and I debated on the purchase of a sheep mask (decided it was just one more thing to dust).

We left the fair grounds at 6:00pm, stopped at Cracker Barrel for a quick dinner and back in the parking lot at midnight. It was a fantastic day!

My purchases: Morehouse Farms, Spirit Trail, Tess's all lace weight! and EZ's Workbook.



Bess said...

Oh bummer. I am so sorry I missed you twice!

but I'm awfully glad you got some of Jen's Spirit Trail yarn. I'll be posting my photos of what I did get at the fair tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you, dear - it's been WAY too long!


maureen said...

It sounds like the perfect day. I'm sad I missed it.