Sunday, May 20, 2007

10 or so things....

1. This is Nixon. Nixon Nixon stayed with us while his parents were on vacation. I guess you could say he was on vacation too.

2. Nixon and Bailey after walking 1.5 miles and then chasing each other around the sofa sleeping They were like this for almost 3 hours.

3. I bought an MP3 player. A cheap one. Lots of memory. 200 songs loaded and just 1/2 full. It's expandable too.

4. Just put a hold on 3 of the 6 Harry Potter books on CD at the Library. I'd like to reread them but need to get some knitting done for a November show.

5. 3/4 of the way finished with the blanket for my soon to be born great nephew. Pictures will come when it's complete. Right now it's a big white thing.

6. A small white thing is my summer Pi...aka Arlyn. Pictures would show a small white thing. People ask if it's a hat. I'm on the 48 rows 244 stitches section.

7. I love free breakfast. These came in the newspaper yesterday. cereal

8. Need to purchase more memory for my MP3 player. See #4.

9. Overheard at the B&N Cafe: Mother of a 4ish year old to her friend with a toddler and infant. "He's getting a chocolate cookie and hot chocolate. I'm getting him hopped up for story time."

10. Chesapeake Jubilee is winding down. Think mini state fair. Held in the city park about a mile or so from my house. Country bands all weekend, fireworks last night.

11. Blogger auto saves!

12. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had saved the fact that senior discount at Regal Theaters was 55. I was wrong. (Pout) I could've saved some money this summer.

13. Where is the senior discount age at 55?

14. I have to renew my drivers license by this July. New picture after 10 years. How should I fix my hair? What should I wear? I mean it's gotta look undated for another 10 years!

15. This is one cool needlework book.

16. Bought Charmed Knits. Have knit both house hats from stash yarns.

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Life's a Stitch said...

Here in British Columbia, at age 55 you can start to defer your property taxes. They chage you minimal interest (2% under prime) and when the house is sold they take it in a lump sum. One of the positive aspects of aging :)