Friday, January 26, 2007

following a simple chart OR socializing....

....I can't do both at the same time it seems.

I'm showing a lovely group of ladies some stranded knitting techniques. We're using the "Fake Isle" hat from MagKnits. I've knit the hat once. Not difficult at all. Simple in fact. Why is it that I've knit the 6 rows of the second hat 5 times already?

It all began on Wednesday night at Ewe Knit Kits. It's social knitting night and after I had finished labeling all the new yarn from Dark Horse, helped the customers, I sat down with the group to knit and chat. 3 times I knit row4 of the chart and then gave up. I blamed the Hillary vs. Barack discussion. So put it away until another night.

Thursday night was my "But there's not a class" group. (Defined as: I want to knit a project with a group but there isn't a class offered. The projects include: tote bag, Flamingo, baby sweater, shawl/sweater/sock/baby sweater, felted tote and a scarf.) I can usually get a few rows of something done. Nope! Not only didn't I get the row knit, I dropped a stitch and there went the row below it!

So you would think I'd give up...oh no!...this morning at Barnes & Nobles I fixed row 3. I thought, markers for the repeats and I can enjoy the conversation....hahahahaha...I knit row 6 THREE times...around and around and around. I ignored ALL the markers! Fake Isle 2 and all of my markers have been banished to the Guilds tote bag until later tonight.

But I am contemplating two lace KAL's. Civil War Shawl and Sheep Shawl. Have the yarn, patterns and needles for either one. But then I want to knit another Pi. So much to knit so little time.

So Kiki...Bess suggests an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. What do you think?

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maureen said...

Poor Hillary and Barak, they get blamed for everything...including mistakes in knitting. ;)