Monday, August 30, 2004

A typical Saturday?

During the Saturday morning Felting class at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn", one of the students mentioned she was looking for a place to purchase beads. Another student raved about the shop off of I664, at the last exit before the Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel(from the Suffolk side). A nice selection of beads and the staff was very helpful and friendly. Later that same day, I was crawling around the floor putting up the new Fall yarns when I heard a voice say “don’t I know you?”. I looked up to see a gal from my past. She and I use to travel each morning on the Portsmouth/Norfolk Ferry to our mortgage paying job at the same big bank. She was looking for yarn to make the Crayon Jacket. K was helping her. They chose beautiful fall colors (rusts, golds, browns). So anyway, as I was helping K wind her yarn I asked what she was up to. Seems she moved into a new old house, spent a while fixing it up and then …have you guessed?….opened a bead shop this side of the MMMBT!!!! No website yet, but you can find her this side of the MMMBT.

Speaking of Saturday, after a day of putting yarn on shelves, moving yarn from one shelf to another, opening big boxes of yarn, I’m not a pretty sight. Fiber covered wrinkled clothes, sweaty hair, an aching back and knees. And that’s what I looked like Saturday night as I walked across the parking lot at 6:00ish lugging a big box filled with smaller boxes and assorted plastic bags when a car pulls up. Nice looking man asks me about store hours and the fact that his wife (who I assume was the woman sitting next to him in the passenger seat) has yarn all over the house…which I tell him is NORMAL! So he thanks me and I continue my walk across the parking lot. I toss the boxes in the dumpster and I turn and there they are again…hmmm, how fast will my tired feet move?…if I scream will anyone hear me?…wonder if they have food in the car, I got to busy to eat lunch?….but then I hear my name mentioned and lo and behold it’s Kim all the way from Hampton which, to tie in the first story, is on the other side of the MMMBT.

And perhaps a possible MMMBT tie-in...It's been confirmed. Beth Brown-Reinsel will be teaching class(s) at KnittaPalooza II. And if she drives from Maryland, she might decide to take the MMMBT!

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