Thursday, August 12, 2004

A long walk

On our walk last night we stopped and chatted with Brandy and Morgan, Molly, Buddy, Katie, Suzie and Bobbie, Floyd, Torie, Nixon, Buddy and the sisters Biscuit and Brownie. Don't ask me what their humans names are. In our neighborhood it's important to remember the it should be.

We walk twice a day. In all, at least 3 miles. Sometimes it's a longer morning walk, other times a longer evening walk. Most of the time I let Bailey decide which way to go. With his failing eyesight, he really relies on his nose and will follow a scent until it disappears or he gets tired of it (I"m guessing here). He'll stop, look at me and turn around to head off in another direction. I follow. I have to. I'm attached to the lead.

The tote is working up really fast. I like the way the corners are made...drop a stitch down to the bottom and then pick 2 stiches back up. EZ does the same thing with her sweaters. I'm pretty sure it's EZ...Bess taught us how at Knitter's Review Retreat a few years ago. I'm using WoolPak (the pattern suggests it) for the first time. It's a bit fuzzy and the small fibers are irritating my eyes. I think I got spoiled with Cascade 220. But I'm loving the red that I chose!

Rolling around in my head is a design for a felted round bag. I'll keep you posted.

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