Monday, August 09, 2004

Can't think of a title

For the past few months I've been ready to bail from my mortgage paying job. Hated coming into work. I hated the woman I report to. I hated the group that I report into. I hated the projects I'm assigned. Hate is a strong word but that is the only word I could find that described it. I began looking for other positions but since we just merged with another big bank, filling open positions is frozen. Last Thursday, after a negative (to me) mid-year review (the first ever in 33 years) I went down the hall to cry on a friends shoulder. She listened and then said...MB will be opening new postions for Change Managers in a few weeks...I went back to my office, called MB and she said (with excitment in her voice I might add) send me your resume! I did. Fingers crossed.

Ewe Knit Kits finally received the new felted tote pattern from
FiberTrends AC-64x The Sheep Tote
It's designed by Beverly Galeskas. She uses "faux" seams" to make the corners. So of course I had to buy yarn and begin working on it. Anyone know why it's called AC-64x ????

Speaking of which, the little bag knit with
Crystal Palace Trio is done. The cast on suggested didn't leave much give for the i-cord edging, so after 2 attempts I did a single crochet around the edge to pull in the darker color. And as for the handle..looks cute but not sturdy enough. I'm going to knit a longer i-cord and weave it through the bag right under the cast-on row. Think drawstring. But it's not bad for a free pattern....which I promptly changed....LOL

The Trendsetters Spiral "To Fringe or Not to Fringe" shawl is finished. It's been christend "Hitchcock" based on the fact that the black parts of the yarn make it look like clusters of birds are flying across it. But it's larger than what I wanted so I'll frog it back 3/4 of the way and try again.

So small world...a friend from TKGV guild moved to Northern Virginia last year. She was in Ewe Knit Kits on Saturday. In town on a visit. She mentioned she had started a Guild and guess who's not only member but VP....RosebyAny.


Kim in Oregon said...

I made the trio bag too and was a little disappointed. I love the yarn but find the bag a bit floppy. I did just buy more trio to make the jacket at the web site...a cute little bolero.
Best of luck with the new job!

kim in oregon

Amie said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck!

I have had jobs that felt like that, and the one I'm at now is better, but still not great. It's miserable to feel that way 40+ hours a week, and it seeps into the other hours, too...

Hope something brilliant opens up soon!

Amie said...

And now I read the rest of your post! COOL! Who's your friend? We have a meeting tonight - I'm teaching spinning (my wheel is in the car, but may have to come in to play with me on my lunch break today).

Visions of Disney world rides running through my head...

Anonymous said...

It's Sandy Amie. I was so surprised to see her on Saturday. We got to know one another on the longest-bus-ride-ever last year to Maryland Sheep and Wool. Soon after they moved. She bought some yummy red wool to make the Einstein jacket. Linda

Thanks for the words of encourgement about the job. Holding my breath. Linda

Elisa said...

It's so disheartening to wake up each morning and not want to go to work - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!