Thursday, July 22, 2004

This just in....

Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn is very happy to announce the date for KnittaPalooza II !

It will be the weekend of March 10, 2005..

One of our guest teachers will be.................Lily Chin!

We are soooooo excited to have her and I know you are too! There will be other names to share shortly...

Look for the post card with additional information! We are offering a discount for early registrants! Be sure to be one of the first to sign up and SAVE

Signup for futher updates at :  Ewe Knit Kits website.

1 comment:

Bess said...

Oh Hevenly day! I'll sign up right away. I LOVE Lily Chin. Had no idea I would be so crazy about her teaching but she is just wonderful to be with. all energy very professional, and the exact right sort of friendliness. yippee!