Monday, July 26, 2004

A Blonde Sunday

I was a knitting blob yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it.  Besides it was raining and AMC had a Robert Redford marathon: 

The Great Gatsby ..I saw this in the theater so many years ago and I remember reading that it took many takes to get the silk shirts to "float".  After each take everyone would pitch in and refold shirts.

Barefoot in the Park...he played the same character on Broadway

This Property is Condemned ... what a cast.  Natalie Wood, Charles Bronson, Robert Blake and Robert Redford.  It was RR at his prime.  And hard to watch Natalie in the water now knowing how deathly afraid she was. 

The Natural...never one of my favorites, to cliche for me...but RR was nice to look at.

I did make a knitting run at noon. Spooling Around had their 15% off sale. I wanted to try the Clover Bamboo needles and they carry them. I picked up sizes 4 and 5 and Lantern Moon in Blackwood in size 7. 

Speaking of Lantern Moon,     Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn received a shipment from them this past week. All I can say is I now love Lantern Moon products.

Greeting me when I unlocked the front door Saturday morning was This Guy smiling up at me as I stepped inside. I flipped on the front lights and noticed a new stack of Rice Baskets in natural, purple, blue and red. Dropping my bags (to a casual observer I probably look like I'm spending a week with all the bags I carry for my 8 hour day) in the office I headed to the back set of lights when I saw the Silk Needle cases and the basket of Needles and a few more Sheep Mats smiling up at me. And this great (scroll down the page) display stand is now filled with mohair.

K came in and we oow'd and ahhh'd over the new toys until we realized it was after 10:00 and the registers hadn't been opened. Oops!

Not having an easy-to-work-on-project in progress, I grabbed the size 10.5US/6.5mm LM Rosewood needles and a skein of Trendsetters Spiral to make swatches while I taught a Felting Class. Well, both the needles and 4 skeins of the yarn went home with me. Another shawl on the way.

Quite a few of the baskets, all but 1 of the needle rolls and several sets of the needles went home with knitters or knitters husbands ( it was her birthday).

I almost forgot...Jon Provost was in This Property Is Condemned.  He was my first movie star crush...well, he,  Sky King and Sgt. Preston. 

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Marlene said...

Gotta love those days dedicated to being a happy knitting blob!