Thursday, June 17, 2004

Day 4 - Sunday - Buy buy buy

Sunday morning class was "Embellishments and Trims for Plain Knitted Garments" by Svetlana Avrakh of Patons Yarns. It was another crochet trims class but this time using novelty yarns. It gave me some ideas on trimming ready made clothes. And I learned that I have been pronouncing Patons wrong. It's Pay Tons with a hard a. I've been saying Pa Tons with a soft a. Hmm, are hard and soft vowels still used?

B and my classes were only 2 hours so we met at 10:00 and placed orders at Collinette (for individual skeins of yarn and more throws in the new colors), Rowen and LB Evans (purses and totes are beautiful!). There was another vendor but it's gone from my brain. L and P joined us at 11:00 and went back for notions (purse handles, felting needles, gauge measuring tool, needles) and new FiberTrends and Oat Couture patterns, buttons from Dills, buttons from 2 other places, sequins and beads, yarns from Seaport Yarns, Cotton Fleece and CottonWool fingering weight from Brown Sheep and about this time B said "there's no room left in the store!" but we kept shopping....of course there were show specials to be had with vendors we already use so those orders were placed. We ran out of time to hit S.W.A.K., KnitWhits and Jamieson..but we have the literature!

My brain was fried!

We hit the road and drove about 2 hours before stopping for the night at a Best's the one with the sign that says "Free Hot Breakfast".

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