Thursday, June 17, 2004

Day 2 - Friday - Classes and a Fashion Show

We arrived back at the Convention Center at 7:15 the next morning. Why so early? We weren't sure about parking and since we didn't want to miss a thing and since our classes began at 8:00 we left early.

We got our name badges (required everywhere you went), a great tote and we were off to our first class.

L went to an all day Lily Chin, B to a LYS retail class and P and I to "Knitting with Ribbon Yarn". Now this was not my number 1 choice...I've knitted with Ribbon Yarns..don't really care for it. And this was with size 35 needles. BUT was I in for a surprise. We learned backwards knitting. It doesn't twist the ribbon!!!!

P and I had 3 hours until our next class so we made it over to the Food Court for noodles & shrimp and peanut butter ice cream. When the food court began filling we headed back to the TNNA area and sat and knitted (surprise!) and watched the vendors registering and other knitters knitting and of course hit the Great Wall of Yarn again to add to our books.

I had a nice conversation with the inventor of the Circular Solution. New this velvet! Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn will be carrying the needle solutions very soon.

2:00 came around and I was off to "Measure, Modify, Knit" with Judy Pascale. Fun lady. Learned tons. She crammed her 6 hour class into 3.

8 pages of notes later I met B, L, and P and we headed to the fashion show. One word...ponchos! I think half of what we saw was a poncho of some kind. Great sweaters for men and women, knitted purses, bears, simple to the complex knitting. To many to mention.

After there was a "cocktail" hour where we mingled for a while among a display of the new fashions and yarns. Then it was off to dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse.

It was off to bed by 11:00...we had a day of shopping ahead of us.

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