Monday, March 29, 2004

Wonderful knitting weekend

Had the opportunity to attend 3 classes taught by Margaret Fisher this weekend.

Scarves and Stoles from start to finish
7 Things that can make or break a sweater
Head turning hats

Margaret did an excellent job of explaining her techniques, took time to answer all of our questions, and was a joy to listen to.

Bobbie at Ewe Knit Kits says in her latest newsletter: "Some NEW yarn company products that have already come into the store are Rowan, Jeager, Misti Alpaca, Crystal Palace (but it never lasts long), Lana Grossa... AND, coming very soon, Dale of Norway and Colinette - YES, the Throw Kits have been replaced!!" Yippee Skippy....Dale is coming!

Also look for a special sale at Ewe Knit Kits coming up in April...the Easter Bunny tells me April 12 -15 and internet sales will also receive the 10% discount...but get on her mailing list to get the discount!!!!! Because you all know that actually means 20% off since Bobbie already discounts at 10% other LYS.

My lunch time trip to Ewe Knits last week was successful. I found more of the navy Donegal Tweed to finish the shawl for my 2nd niece. The red was gone, so I picked up 2 more skeins of the green to add to the 2 skeins I have at home. And since the red was gone and I needed to sooth my I needed an excuse...I picked up 5 skeins of Mexicali. I'm thinking the self fringing shawl with double the fringe.

And now let me tell you about the shawl pattern. I'm in love with it. Very simple. cast on 6. knit 2, place marker, knit 4. purl back. knit 2, increase 1, knit 4. purl back. repeat the second knit row until it is as wide as you want. then decrease back to 6 stitches. bind off 2. then unravel the 4 stitches after the marker. voila! instant fringe.

The first I knit with the Donegal Tweed in Navy, used 4 skeins (began decreasing at the end of the 2nd skein) and size 13 needle...correction from last post. The one I'm working on now is again Donegal Tweed in green, size 9 needles (tighter fabric).

So my changes on the second one....add a garter stitch edging so that it doesn't roll and more stitches after the marker for longer fringe. And shawl #3, the Mexicali, I think I'll play with doubling the yarn on the stitches after the marker for double the fringe!

Knitting Guild rumor mill says a new LYS is opening in Va. Beach....KnitWits. Not sure how it's spelled but it's going to be opening in the Providence Square Shopping Center on the side where the hardware store is located and next to the steak house. The good news is that it'll mean more yarn! The bad news is that it'll be 2 miles from our oldest yarn store The Knitting Corner (52 years open) which is already struggling with the declining health of it's owner.

And keep my friend Jan in your good thoughts...she collapsed late last week. It's reported an aneurysm burst in her brain..she's in a coma and on a breathing machine...she has 3 young children.

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