Monday, March 22, 2004

Can't come up with a catchy title

My annual cold arrived last week. I'm still doing the last bit of sniffling today.

There were 6 of us working on Saturday at Ewe Knit Kits. The new location is wonderful! Lots of room to see everything. A second cash register so there were almost no lines. Between the Library and the Classroom tables lots of space to spread out.

We're now carrying yarns and books by Jaeger and Rowan. Pretty cottons and cotton ribbons.

I'm burned out on KnittaPalooza samples! Decided to stop for a while.

Sunday began as overcast so I quickly got my usual activities accomplished and planned an afternoon of knitting and movies. I frogged the faux lace scarf I had begun for my 2nd neice and decided on a different pattern (self fringing) and different yarn (Sirdar Donegal Tweed). I spent the afternoon with Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal and Tom Hanks and knitted away. Took a break and cooked dinner (turkey burgers, salad) and went back to the tv and knitting. By the time Allan Shore had smirked his last smirk I had used up the 2 skeins I had in my stash. So I'll run out to Ewe Knits at lunch and pick up 2 more.

A note about the Donegal Tweed. I had tried knitting with it using the size 6 needles suggested by the DK weight. Hated the results. Very very stiff fabric. So I moved to size 9 needles and am enjoying the drape. I may pick up some red tweed for myself. The red is really nice.

Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater is on hold. Not really calling my name right now. Oh well, there's next summer to wear it.

This comming weekend Tidewater Knitting Guild of Va is sponsoring classes with Margaret Fisher. On Saturday it's "Scarves and Stoles from Start to Finish" and "Seven Things That Can Make or Break a Sweater". On Sunday "Head Turning Hats". I've signed up for both days, all 3 classes. My homework is done!

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