Thursday, March 04, 2004

How do they accomplish so much?

Have you noticed how some knitters seem to finish projects really quickly? One night they begin a sweater and a few days later are sewing it up? When do they find the time? I begin my days at 5:30 with a walk, then off to work, home at 6:15ish, another walk, dinner, clean up, and then it's 8:00. Always something to do around the house (vacuum, pickup) and with summer heading our way yard work. I'm in by 11:00. Sometimes I'm too tired to pick up needles.

I've added to the list of blogs over there <----- more of the blogs I visit. They were out on my favorites list. They're in no paticular order.

In case you were wondering we didn't win the big lottery. HOWEVER, we did win $7!!!!! So we reinvested in the lottery and lost it all. I'm sure there's another jackpot with my name on it.

My nieces shawl is finished. Showed it off at the guild Monday night.

I've begun another, for my other niece. Different pattern. I'm using a yo, sl, k, psso stitch.

And work on Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater continues. As does a 3rd sample of my felted purse for KnitaPalooza.

Ya gotta love his little snub at dressing up. His favorite shoes at the SAG awards......and same shoes 2 weeks later at the Oscars

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