Monday, October 05, 2009


Thank you Margaret for your Majacraft "Rose" info. I've updated yesterday's post with the info.

Becky, my plans for the cotton is a shawl. Something lacy maybe. Here's her blog with samples and other info. Wolle

I like the Montpelier festival because it is small and you can see everything in a few hours without feeling rushed. We probably got there about 11:30 and had finished shopping by 2:30. And that was taking 2 trips through tents. Trip one was to see, trip two was to purchase! We did buy lunch (barbecue, then picked up "Rose" and were back on the road by 3:30.

So today is arm update. This morning p/t will test my progress and this afternoon it's back to the orthepedic surgeon for his update. Fingers crossed I'll get the okay to drive in a week or so.

And tonight I'll go to puppy class. Fame's mom Debbie is going to pick me up. It will be fun to see how much the babies have grown.

I do still plan to raise a puppy.

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katiegirl said...

The Montpelier festival sounds great! Glad to hear you're doing ok, and I hope you get a good update from your doctor!

Have fun at puppy class!