Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shawl update

Jane Austen shawl update: After several attempts to knit it, I had decided that the pattern for attaching/adding/knitting the lace edging was wrong. But the Friday mid morning knitting group straightend me out. What I thought was the bottom is actually the top! I love my knitting group!

I'm using an age old measuring tool to determine how much yarn each lace point will use. I pulled the yarn out as far as my reach will allow 5 times and then knit one repeat of the 8 row pattern. I had just over 1 arm length left. So now I will knit the next point with 4 arm lengths.

Now to knit as fast as I can so that I don't run out of yarn!


Joanne said...

Just don't fall as you are knitting fast. Faster! Faster!

Becky said...

"Now to knit as fast as I can so I don't run out of yarn"
LOL!!! That's hilarious! I have the same panicky thoughts when I'm getting close to running out.

When I knit my first shawl I was shocked to see how it ended up switching from top to bottom as soon as I bound off. That's awesome that your knitting group could help you. I need to make a point of going to the knit nights around here more often.

katiegirl said...

That's great to have a group to answer any questions you might have!

And I didn't know knitting faster helps keep you from running out of yarn. I'll remember that trick! ;-)