Monday, October 26, 2009

Hot Water Bottle cover for Maks pattern

HWB for Maks

This is a generic pattern that you can modify to fit your Hot Water Bottle (HWB). Assumption is made that the knitter understands basic knitting terminology or has knitting dictionary available to them.

• Appx 140 yards worsted wt yarn (I used 1 ¼ skeins of Trendsetter “Tonalita”)
• US #7 double points or US #7 12” circular
• US #9 16” circular
• 1 marker
• tapestry needle
• scissors

On size US #7 needles, cast on 44 stitches or more/fewer as needed for your HWB).

Place a marker and join to knit in the round.

Knit 2x2 ribbing for 4” or until ribbing is long enough to cover the neck of your HWB.

Change to US #9 needle and Knit 2 rows in pattern.

Next row: *K2, P2, M1* around. Stitches increased to 54 if you are following the pattern as written.

If additional width is needed for your HWB, knit 1 row and then on the next row increase 4 stitches evenly around. Repeat these 2 optional rows until it will slide over your HWB.

Knit every row for 7 ½ inches or so to fit the “body” of your HWB.

Still on US 9 needles, knit 2x2 ribbing for 3” or until long enough to cover your HWB.

Bind off in pattern. Weave in ends and enjoy!


Becky said...

Beautiful!!! Gosh, those colors!! I like that you made the patterned gathered with ribbing at the bottom instead of a closure. That'll make it a lot easier to get Maks in and out for refilling.

katiegirl said...

Love it! The colors are wonderful!

Croby said...

I reallly like your using the ribbing instead of closure. This will work with someone with limited dexterity in the hands.

Diane said...

Hi and thanks for this pattern, i have done it in different yarn and added a pocket to the front and I am so pleased with it(see my project in Ravelry) I tried to attribute it to you but im fairly new and i dont think it worked out right.Made it for my friends xmas so i hope she likes it.

Silvia Jacinto said...

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