Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday and Today

How do I feel about no costumes? 1/2 of me is saying Yippee! and the other 1/2 saying BooHoo..

Yipee because there's less clothing for me to care for on a weekly basis, I'm not able stop at the grocery store or where ever on the way home... I did...once...the stares and strange looks made me a bit uncomfortable. And the layers of the Colonial era costume makes for a very warm me.

BooHoo because it is FUN!

But I do understand why it's not financially feasible to costume 30 volunteers and 5 employees with $300 costumes. And asking us to pay for our own would limit who would want to volunteer. And most of them do need replacing. And replaced with the correct fiber. The shift I am wearing is made from a modern cotton (and it feels like a bed sheet) In 1725 cotton was very very expensive so my shift would be made of wool.

So for now we'll dress in costumes for special events.

And in Puppy Training News

Fame spent the day with me.

"I LURV my blue square"


"I wonder how many dogs live around here?"



katiegirl said...

Ooh, how did the day with Fame go? Was her handler there too? What did you guys do?

Becky said...

I bet going to the grocery store in your costume would draw attention!
Fame is so cute!

Joanne said...

And the day with Fame was....????