Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introducing Fame

It was my prividelge to walk through the mall this afternoon with Debbie and Fame.

Fame 3Fame

Fame 1Sit

Fame 2Good Girl!

Fame has been training since birth. She will know 36 commands before going back to the center for additional training. There she'll learn to lead through the streets, on public transportation and find the exit of a building.

Notice: Fame never breaks eye contact with Debbie even with me running around taking pictures, birds flying overhead, cars going by.

PS: Am I the only one that is singing "Fame" in her head? I'll bet you are now ;)


Becky said...

Okay, you caught me... I had Fame stuck in my head after reading the title. Cute name for a pup.

What a beautiful puppy. How old is she? Sweet face.

katiegirl said...

What a gorgeous dog!

And wow....30 commands? And you'll have to teach a puppy all those?! Wow!