Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time traveler

Received my 19th century dress which is appropriate for the time of the Frances Land House.

Here's a close up of the print

FLH print up close

A pretty blue flower with pale olive stems/leaves on a dark natural background. Cotton.

Here is a picture of the dress hanging on the closet door.

FLH dress first order

The front touches the top of my foot while the back of the dress goes into a small train. There are ties that will pull the gathers on the empire waist closed. I didn't do that before taking this picture.

There are problems though. I can get both of my arms through one sleeve. The edge of the neck sits on my shoulders which then makes the sleeves come way past my elbows. And lets not talk about how low and wide the front is.

At first I thought that my weird body shape had caused this. But no, the other Docent who ordered the same fabric dress was the same way. We have a feeling the seamstress used the wrong pattern for the top, (is that called the bodice?)

So, back they go to be fixed.

I will say that the cotton is very nice, the bodice lined and it's not as heavy as it looks.

But of course after what I'm wearing now (shift, pockets, petticoat, apron, vest, modesty scarf & mob cap one layer is going to feel light.


katiegirl said...

That is a very sweet print. Hopefully the seamstress can get the bodice fixed! I bet it will be very pretty!

Becky said...

Pretty fabric. Hopefully you can get it to fit just right. I remember loving working at St.Mary's City in costume. It was so much fun to live in another time for a day.