Sunday, December 09, 2007

The weekend

Thursday begins the weekend, right? So I frogged Sunrise/Sunset and it's now the beginning of Mr. Greenjeans.
Mr Greenjeans my way
Right now it's in it's pre-cabled stage. I still have 1 inch of stockinette to knit.

Bailey had a sleepover last night. Nixon, the poodle mix from down the street.
Bailey Nixon
Occasionally they'd change chews, put for the most part, this was their Saturday inbetween walks.

As for me, I found my Christmas cards. Christmas cards and must now try to remember who I sent which one to last year. Hate to send repeats. And yes, two are originals by Clara Parkes of Knitters Review. You can find them in the Boutique.

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twinsetellen said...

Hi, Linda!
so glad you found our blog at, as it led me to your blog in return. I feel your pain on frogging, but applaud your quick turnaround with Mr. Greenjeans. You are making quick work of it. I'll look forward to watching it grow.

that Garn advent calendar rocks!