Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Am I the last knitter on earth to hear of Yarndex...the Yarn Index?

Do you know the miles I have walked around Ewe Knit Kits looking for yarn substitutions? Or the hours spent online looking up some obscure yarn to find what gauge or fiber content it is? Or reaching waaay over my head on the next to the top shelf to pull down one of the heavy binders containing color cards? The answer to all is too many.

But no more! I'm going to make sure Yarndex is in the favorites on every computer at Ewe Knit Kits.

Have you seen what it can do? Go any brand, lace, wool, red. Or how about: S R Kirtzer, worsted, acrylic. Or how about:...well you get the idea.

So go and search for yarn to your hearts content! not affiliated at all with the Yarndex.


maureen said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'll be adding it to my favorites too.

I also like:

It is a pretty cool tool. My favorite color (really a noncolor) is gray...maybe because my color coordination powers are weak. Colorblender helps.

Anonymous said...


This was so odd. I was googling for a knitting process and I saw one of your posts and it was signed Linda in Va. And I'm thinking - I didn't post this. So I went into your blog and saw you are a Linda that knits also!
I'm Linda in Va too - Virginia. Is that where you are?

Linda in VA