Friday, February 16, 2007


...while waiting for an appointment.

TallThinGal to ShortThinGal: Would you like to share a poptart?

ShortThinGal: Sure

Cabinet door heard opening, microwave humming and then a beep. TallThinkGal returns.

TallThinkGal to ShortThinGal: Here's your half. Thanks for splitting it with me. A whole poptart fills me up.

I am now craving poptarts. Not a half of one, but a package of two. Brown sugar and cinnamon without frosting. And a glass of milk.


Kimberly said...

Half of a Pop Tart? My son is six years old and can eat an entire Pop Tart by himself. He frequently eats only 1/2 but he weighs less than 50 pounds!


Anonymous said...

Oh, puh-leeze. That's surreal. How about a whole package of 6 frosted blueberry poptarts? (since I just downed an entire 4.5 oz Cadbury Dairy Milk bar as a 'snack' before lunch, that is.)