Friday, February 23, 2007

The Norwegian Spring of Wallis

We've (Ewe Knit Kits) have always carried Dale of Norway/Dalegarn's Baby Ull and supporting pattern books. But after a two very very successful fair isle classes and requests for more stranded knitting patterns, we're adding to our inventory.

Bobbie mentioned on Saturday that Martha, our sales rep for Dale and other lines, would be stopping by the store on Thursday morning at 8:30 and did I want to come in and pick out patterns and yarn? Me? Spend someone else's money buying yarn and patterns? To force myself to look through the massive binders of booklets and yarn samples? Of course I did!!!!! So what if Bailey had a vet appointment that I had to change. So what if it was raining. So what if it was during rush hour traffic.

What did I get to order? Well sweaters, hats, kids stuff...the basics.

But then came the Pillow patterns! Have you seen them? They're not on the Dalegarn site so let me find some links for you. Here and well, I can't find the other. They've been out for a while..year or so.

And I chose colors of Falk...lots of them. Some to match my living room.

And to make the whole Norwegian experience complete, I've scheduled classes for the Spring to include a class on the pillows and then one where the student gets to choose their own pattern!

It's going to be a pillow filled spring!

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