Sunday, January 14, 2007

Socks that were rocking

The tempature was 75F, the house was clean enough, I could stand looking at the leaves in the back is January you this is what I did on Saturday...

I sat on my patio, in my rocking knitting chair

and these toes from Friday night ....Friday Jan 12 (ignore the black blob on my lap, it's Bailey taking his nap before bedtime)

became these feet waiting for their heels....Sat night Jan 13

And now dear kind, gentle, reader, I ask you to please sit before reading further....

you can use the other chair on the patio if you'd like... My other knitting spot
(ignore the black blob digging through the's Bailey looking for lizards)

I just called over to Ewe Knit Kits and asked Bobbie to please hold the Pink Trekking XXL yarn for me. I will pick it up on Tuesday. And just 1 skein please, not 2 or even 3, just 1, because it will be used for s o c k s, not a shawl or a scarf or other knitted item, but SOCKS!

And while I'm waiting to hear from dear "Ms. J" for the "heel" directions, (I'm testing her class handouts) I'm going to start another pair with the Fortissima Socka Color 1776 the one that gives you the idea of stars and stripes.

Other knitting did happen last night. I worked on the ribbing for a helmet liner. I've been knitting them about a year now for a friends son and his Army buddies over in Afghanastian.

On the tv was the first 2 discs from the BBC series The House of Eliott. I watched it when PBS first aired in the mid 90's (?). It's better than I remembered.

And tonight it's "Dr. Zhavago" with Omar Sharif.

And least you think all I do is sit and knit and watch tv...Bailey and I are off on our second walk around the block today. We usually get in 3 or 4. Adds up when the block is 1/2 mile around.

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Bess said...

OH lovely! I knit all weekend too. It was a splendifferous weekend for knitting.

I wish I could have sat on your deck, but then, I also wish you could have waded in my stream.

Happy knitting to you. i'm so glad you're posting again.