Sunday, January 28, 2007


Thank you for your concerns Kim and Bess. I did call and leave a message on the non-800 number for the owner to contact me on Monday. Didn't think of BBB. The company is from New Jersey. Are there seperate BBB for each state? I'll have to research.

But I did get the last laugh.....The street I live on is a circle of twists and turns and circles within circles and only 2 actual exits, neither of which look like they would take you anywhere and if you're not really paying attention you even miss the street signs for the streets that take you to a main street.

Bailey and I were taking our late afternoon walk around the circle when the moving van left. They passed us 5 times! Around and around they went. I'm assuming they found their way out, as I didn't see them on this mornings walk.

But today is another day. My drive is cleared. The newspaper was on my front porch. I made over-night french toast for breakfast. And it's our second Fake Isle class. It's going to be a good day!

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maureen said...

Don't just call the company and the BBB (I am almost certain there is one per state, but to do business trucking companies must register with each state in which they do business... the things you learn when the school at which you teach has a trucking program), WRITE them. Putting your complaints and comments in writing to the company and BBB (check out licensing agencies too) continues to have more impact than a call.... I guess it is that permanent record thing.