Wednesday, February 02, 2005

48 hours later

Went back into the office on Monday to turn in my pc, id badge, access key, etc. I was hugged and good wishes were offered by 3 of my peers, others turned their heads when they saw me. Was it because they didn't know what to say or were afraid if they looked at me I would bring bad luck?

Who knows.

What did and still does bother me is the reaction or should I say lack of reaction from my "bosses" My imediate boss took the "stuff" said thank you and walked out. Didn't wish me luck (good or bad) and mumbled a "bye" as she turned the corner. And her boss (who I reported to for a good year didn't call or email a message. And you know what...I EXPECTED IT! Wasn't surprised at all. My choice to get out was the right one.

I do know that I have slept well the past week. I'm still getting use to not running on a schedule. I need to remember to be spontaneous!

As for knitting..since this is a knitting blog....I finished the Knitting Pure and Simple top down so easy! that I started another KP&S pattern. A zippered sweater/jacket.

And I've worked a few more hours at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn. And by the way...Sunday we'll be open from 11 - 4 with a "super" sale. I don't know what the sale will be so if you're in the neighborhood stop in.

Well off to do somthing else spontaneous!


Kimberly said...

Sorry about receiving the cold shoulder. I have only met you once but in that time, which was only a couple of minutes, what I saw of you, I KNOW YOU DESERVED MORE.

Donna said...

I'm glad to see you posting. I was worried about you. So sorry about the nasty treatment you received at work. I only know you on line, but I really believe it is their loss. You seem like a real sweetheart.