Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Nothing clever

No words of wisdom today. It's back to the same routine. Wake up, walk, shower, eat, go to work, work, drive home, walk, eat, knit, go to sleep.

Last Saturday was a busy with a capital B day at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn! One of our customers brought in pictures of sunsets. She wants to knit a sweater using the colors and having the colors blend in the same manner. Can't wait to see the finished project.

I started playing around with some Lorna's Lace sock yarn. My head is seeing a triangle shawl with a ruffle around the edges. I'm using the cast on 3 stitches and increase at each end pattern. I've finished one skein. I think I'll block to see the size.

I've also started another "to fringe or not to fringe"s shawl. This one in what I thought was red/black but once knitted the color is really shades of red into dark dark purple. What's fun is that I've put it against black, navy, red, and purple turtleneck shirts and it picks up the color of the shirt!

We had our last ?Knitting on the Edge? class for this year. We fringed. This Saturday is Felting. I may have 9 students. Felting is will continue every other Saturday.

I'm still spinning. And to make sure I don't run out of roving I ordered Fiber Sampler Pack No 1 from Spirit Trail Fiberworks.

Amazing Race is back for another season. I would try out but I would loose the first race. I'd have to stop at all the souvenir shops at the airports. But just in case we ever are chosen Coco and I will be Shopping Fanatic's. So look for us.

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